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With all the interest in zombies, I don’t know how this hasn’t happened yet. Do they need Abigail Breslin to be 20 before it starts or something? It made $102 million on a $23.6 million budget! It’s not Harry Potter, but it has a big fan base to satiate and there’s money in it. A script is underway and a TV series almost happened, as the pilot was filmed. Yes, the pilot IS on Amazon Instant Video.


While vast lengths of time have passed since the original and the 1990 sequel, it’s sad a third hasn’t happened. Talks have been going on for so long, but something always gets in the way of production. Namely, Joe Dante refuses for there to be CG in the picture, and all the more power to him for it. The little beasts have a lot of energy left in them. A remake has been optioned, but I don’t see a need for it. They could just make another story about the tiny fiends with no relation to the other films, but it’s essential no one tries to beat Dante at his tricks. It just won’t happen.


I was so excited for the second movie I saw it opening weekend. While the performances were strong, it just didn’t live up to the original. I don’t expect the same movie over again, but motivations from the first film fell aside for the sake of convenience (Dave/Kick-Ass’ breakup with his girlfriend, why Hit-Girl wants to retire, etc). Other aspects of believability got torn asunder, like people believing Dave’s father could’ve been Kick-Ass. I love the action getting ramped up and focusing on Hit-Girl as a main character, but it became a superhero movie rather than a commentary on what makes a person a hero – not because it didn’t try, but that the cast was too huge. A third is needed, not exactly for redemption (a 6.8 on IMDb is solid), but to bring the tension back…and I want to see The Motherfucker get a small mech if at all possible. While IMDb doesn’t list a Kick-Ass 3 as even optioned, the creators are pushing for it and there’s no reason it wouldn’t happen. The film made almost $60 million on a $28 million budget and the series is prime material for retail sales.


2008 is a ways back, but Cloverfield was a huge success, beating Zombieland with $171 million in earnings off a similar budget. Really, it was mastership of the fixed first-person view and a chilling story to boot. In an age of stylized messes, this one made sense. While a sequel is possible, Reeves and Abrams refuse to make it unless they have an idea they genuinely feel is worth it. When Super 8 came around, people even speculated it could’ve been the sequel they were waiting for…which brings us to our next title.

Super 8

We need to track down Reeves and Abrams to make this happen. This one is the biggest money maker on the list – $260 million on a $50 million budget. I don’t know what the plot would be per se, but something in the same universe would be fun as long as it treaded ample new ground. Those alien and monster designs are too good to limit to one film.