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We all – and I don’t think that’s hyperbole – miss the days of genuine survival horror titles, both in games and film.  By that I mean there’s too much gore and show, but not enough jangling of our nerves.  Really, even the old Metal Gear on NES (and many old action RPG titles) were closer to survival horror than what passes as horror in the modern world.  They had dire consequences to every action.  Enemies were few and tough.  Yes, I’m going to act like an old man, because the 90’s were the figurative Garden of Eden for horror as an interactive medium.  There was Alone in the Dark in 1992, which brought a genuinely dark atmosphere to the realm of puzzles, disturbing backstory and badass enemies.  Many say Resident Evil established the framework for the golden age of horror games (which included Silent Hill), but I disagree; it merely put the elements into a 3D format.  At heart, survival horror is about roleplaying with tough action sequences inserted in there like a punch to the nuts.

I could whine about modern titles on end, about how much action has taken over, stacking the corpses of creepy character models into stacks, but I won’t.  All I can say is it’s been a plague for the last 6-7 years, no examples needed.  The good news is I believe that era is coming to an end.  A new era of survival horror is about to come, one featuring blistering realism, brutal enemies and an atmosphere which begs to be maintained by a struggle to push onto past level…or even checkpoint.  

My hopes sit with this one to kick it off, though The Last of Us was a good precursor.  Do the world a favor and buy this kind of stuff to show them all how we like our horror!Image