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I recently stumbled across a news article ousting Stephen King for the tweet listed below, which tons of people are calling him a misogynist for.


To fill in the backstory, there were allegations made by Dylan Farrow that Woody Allen had molested her at age seven.  Most seem to be interpreting it as him saying a potential victim is bitching.  First, he clearly states he hopes it isn’t true.  Second, read the order of the sentences.  To me, he’s likely saying HE is the one being a bitch by wanting to assume it isn’t true.  People all over are bashing him as a person over the post when it’s a 50/50 scenario.  He COULD be bashing Farrow, but it’s illogical he would.  The use of ellipses at the end, to me, clearly seems to mean he couldn’t complete his sentence due to the limitations of twitter.

What are your thoughts?  Am I giving King too much of a free pass for liking (some) of his work?