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My dear homeslices,

For a shift of pace from my last post, as we’ve made great strides in resolving that situation, it’s time to talk about computer games.  Like many, I enjoyed Plants Vs Zombies and have been ardently waiting for a PC version of the second title.  While I’m sure the Apple and Android versions of PVZ2 are amazing, I prefer to play it on PC and am stuck waiting for a full edition to be released.  Okay, so a PS3 or PS4 version would be fine as well, but I’m not holding my breath on those coming out anytime soon.  My itch for tower defense titles had to be satiated.  Then I stumbled across Bloons.

Bloons TD5 is a title available on PC, phones, iPads, Kindles and such.  Some flash versions are out there and I initially tried one of those out for a bit, finding myself less than impressed.  I moved on for a couple weeks, only to find myself after more tower defense.  That’s when I gave Bloons TD5 a chance.  I highly advise going for the deluxe PC version, which can be downloaded for $10.



So, as the image above indicates, this title doesn’t have the graphical prowess of PVZ, but it has a level of complexity other titles miss out on.  Each unit gains experience and can “evolve” with the right amount of banana money applied.  The player can choose one of two paths, eventually leading to moves so powerful they must be activated by the user and given time to refresh, because unlimited access to one of them would give too much advantage to a player.  Each level you beat unlocks cash to buy permanent upgrades and special agent units, giving the game two monetary systems.  The breadth of variety is refreshing, even if the animations are simplistic.  The screen can get busy, pushing processing power more than one would think.  That and there are various heights for each unit to be placed on, water units, etc.  It starts to feel like WarCraft in some ways, and we all know how entertaining that can be.


I could ramble on, but just give these monkeys a try.  It’s a tough, long game and will lock you in for days, if not weeks.  Just have your vacation days ready to be wasted away.

Free version here:  http://ninjakiwi.com/Games/Tower-Defense/Play/Bloons-Tower-Defense-5.html#.UubzcxDTmM8